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Building Neighborhoods. Building Opportunities.

DIVERSITY Participation
Ernest Bock and Sons Inc. incorporates minority, women and small enterprises into the design, planning, and execution phases of construction. EBS interviews and trains local residents for managerial jobs, clerical positions, and construction trades. We have a proven performance and participation record. We are proud of our ability to build meeting places and neighborhoods that are a source of pride for the area residents and to create new job opportunities through our projects.

EBS works along with local unions and firms to promote and train DBE firms and employees to help them have a better understanding of the construction industry. Ernest Bock & Sons makes every effort to find new local employees and offer training through the carpenter apprenticeship program. EBS has operated in the Tri-State Area for over 60 years and has experience with the varied small business concerns within the area. EBS looks forward to making new relationships and solidifying old ones with all qualified firms interested in our projects.

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